Collection: Weekly Class Kits

We host FREE and paid Live classes each week at our Creative Family Group on Facebook, in monthly class groups, and on our Business Facebook page.

Three of the classes in our Creative Family Group are taught by Alicia and have a kit that you can use to complete the classes - although it is not a requirement to attend.  These kits can be found on this page you are on.

Two of the above classes are taught in a separate group for that month's classes which requires a kit/s purchase or subscription purchase to enter.

The other class each week in our Creative Family Group is a Mixed Media Art & Art Journaling Class with Naomi-Jon - our resident Visual Artist.

On our Business Facebook page, Alicia teaches one or two classes each weekend (Friday and Saturday) - which have their own individual kits that we release at the end of each class.  These kits can be found here -

You can find our Creative Family Group here -

And our Business Facebook page is here -

Weekly Class Kit Release Schedule & Options

  • We release each Weekly Class Kit two (2) weeks prior to the Monday of the week that the kit is for.
  • We release monthly packages of Weekly Class Kits three (3) weeks prior to the Monday of the first week in that fortnight that the kits are for.