Wet on wet = perfection for all

Wet on wet = perfection for all

Well in this class, we would like to say the main theme was under the sea with tropicana vibes .... however, it became more of an experiment as we place wet media upon wet media whether it was modeling paste, gesso, acrylic paint or sometimes glue. Each layer blended into each other with some of the collage elements standing on top, like the quirky seaweed or the pearlescent clam to the fussy cut embellies that we employed the talented, Amelia-Ann to cut for us in the video. 

Please note that this class is not for the fate of heart through Naomi-Jon's wild ambitions to create a scene inside a canvas making the back a frame for that standout beach photo that is just WOW! (we all have that photo that we took by chance that we are saving for just the right project at the right time). 

Overall, getting paint all over you might not be your cup of tea but as you have fun getting messy with paint and paste everywhere, just remember to not bring the photo within 100 meters of the canvas and definitely not on the desk next to you as you create this project to keep the paint off the top of it (unlike Naomi's Fakey Photo). 


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