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PanPastel Bright Yellow Green - 680.5

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PanPastel Bright Yellow Green - 680.5



PanPastel Colors offer many advantages:

  • Super-blendable: the pan format and their ultra-soft formulation means that PanPastel Colors blend beautifully for an infinite palette of colors.

  • Paintable: for the first time ever artists can apply and mix (dry) pastel color like paint

  • Instant: no drying or preparation time needed. Simply lift the color using a Sofft Tool to start painting immediatel

  • Easy: no solvents, water or other special mediums are required – use PanPastel colors “dry” for the benefits of wet paint without the hassle.

  • Erasable: PanPastel is a very forgiving medium to use – use any eraser to correct mistakes or remove the color. An eraser can also be used to create highlights and for subtractive drawing techniques.

  • Versatile: compatible with other artist’s media and almost any art & craft surface (even thin delicate papers as there is no bleed-through or buckling because PanPastel is dry color).

  • Control: using Sofft Tools it is easy to control the color, and to achieve a wide variety of marks and effects

  • Very low dust: for a cleaner, more pleasant working environment. Generating less waste.


For painting, drawing and mixed media work use PanPastel Colors to:

·         Block-in color - quickly & cleanly for underpaintings, washes & toning paper

·         Layering - build up thin layers & glazes of color multiple times without overfilling the paper’s “tooth”

·         Apply controlled marks – from intense strokes to delicate marks, for painterly effects

Mixed Media – combine with other artist’s media & experiment with a variety of surfaces for new creative effects


Unique Packaging

In addition to all the great benefits of using PanPastel – they are also packed in a format that is very convenient.

The pan format protects the colors, keeping them separate and clean in the studio and when transporting them. The pans thread securely together making it easy to store and organize the colors, minimizing the amount of storage space required.

Palette Trays are also available. These functional palettes are the ideal way to hold PanPastel in use, and also makes storage of the colors quick and easy.