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Mont Marte - Kneadable Eraser 2pc (MAXX0004)

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Mont Marte Kneadable Eraser 2pc (MAXX0004)

Kneadable Erasers are an essential tool for the charcoal, pastel and sketch artist. 

Mont Marte Kneadable Erasers mould easily into a multitude of shapes and sizes. 

These erasers are pliable, yet firm enough to hold their shape while erasing. 

Excellent for removing highlights from charcoal, pastel and pencil.

Suitable for Use With

Graphite Products
Charcoal Pencils
Pastel Products

Instructions for Use

Mould eraser into the shape that will best suit the area you wish to highlight or blend.  Rub lightly in one direction to lift off charcoal etc.  Do not use a back and forward motion as this may lift fibres from paper.