How did our Paper come to be?

How did our Paper come to be?

Since 2020, we have been releasing Exclusive Papercrafting Collections designed by the amazing Alicia Redshaw with all crafters in mind: 

"As a passionate scrapbooker, cardmaker, and crafter, my aim is to make collections that not only stand-alone but work with other ranges and embellie products, so you can use them for all your projects, whether it be something simple, fancy, layered or even out of your comfort zone. 

Alicia designs it for you based on our Retreat themes with presales a month before for all booked into our heavenly crafting weekends. 

 Paper Packs 

Our first paper collection was originally on the calendar for 2024 but thanks to the madness of 2020 (commonly known in our family as the year of OMG). We sped up our process and have never looked back, with our paper printed sustainability at a locally owned business in Brisbane on a high-quality, 12x12 paper with a barcode strip or in an 8x11 inch size with three types of ranges:

  1. Full collections includes, 6 double-sided, 12x12 papers.
  2. 1/2 collections includes, 3 doubled-sided, 12x12 papers. 
  3. 8x11 collections includes, 3 double-sided, 8x11 papers.

 Types of Paper Packs


Each of our papers are sold individually or in paper packs with either, 2 (full collections) or 3 (1/2 & 8x11 collections) of each paper within its papercrafting collection. These paper packs come in packets with no branding to reduce waste and keep crafting more affordable for everyone with an exclusive embellie flair that is only available in the packs as a gift to you from our family. 

Overall, our papers are currently available on our online store and in our bricks-&-mortar store along with several other Australian based craft bricks-&mortar businesses. For more details on where to find our products in stores, go to our Stockist page. 

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