Grunge to the next level ......

Grunge to the next level ......

The messy Naomi-Jon on a nearly clean desk went all out with grunge in this Free Online Mixed Media class, by using one of her mixed media bundles to paint the covers of ALL 3 art journals used so far in her 2023 classes.

In this class, she drew inspiration from our exclusive Papercrafting Collection Grunge Street, especially paper 4 and having the perfect backing already with having the covers with paint splats, flicks, smudges, missed stamps and other OMG maybe we made a mistake moment from each class before. 


Covers of Art Journals


We used oil pastels, acrylic paints from Mont Marte and Golden alongside a new rice paper and two stencils with a white paint pen, gel matte medium and a Prisma wax yellow pencil. The two stencils were used differently to make different effects; for example, the Big Splatt! stencil was used with a blending brush starting in the middle and going to the edges of the stencils to give a spray paint style in gradient. Whereas, the Alphas stencil used a sponge to give texture and mix the white and black paint together on the page to make a natural gradient of greys (meaning that no one notices when you run out of your mixed paint). 


Art Journal 1  


The brightness of the layers was created through an exploration of layers through abstract patterns with watery black paint sinking through the painted layers to the base adding a sense of dimension heightened by the buildings' vertical direction. Finishing it with a flick of black disturbed by droplets of water sprinted across the top to give cityscapes vibes. 


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So enjoyed doing this ,was pleased how it turned out.

Charis Johnstone

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